Pro bono top web design and web development services.

Available for:

  • Non-governmental organization
  • Nonprofit organization
  • Not for profit organization
  • Non-profit organization

If you don’t have a website you have landed in the right place.
Many of you can’t afford web design and web development services but are in need of a website to help them get their story out and raise funds.
A solid internet presence is very important.
A web page allows easy communication between funders, partners, volunteers and media.
More of us turn to the internet for research so a web presence is a very important factor in determining an organization’s legitimacy.


Pro bono webmaster services content management / updates for websites.

For those who already have a website and need updates and changes.


About Pro Bono web design and web development:

The Latin phrase Pro Bono publico can be translated to:  for the public good, used in a shortened form as pro bono.

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