If you decided on using wordpress for your website,

After the simple 5 minute install (tell me if you want a review about this)you may come across a very silly problem.
When you try to edit the newly created page you may find it difficult to access the admin!
Maybe you tried /admin, /administrator, /wordpress, /wp but none of them worked.
So you start to think there is a problem with the installation, so like any other you googled to find the solution.
How do I login to my WordPress administration panel?
How to Login to WordPress site
How to Find Your WordPress Login URL
The solution is very simple: /wp-admin (dashboard) or you could try /wp-login.php (login form), but don’t forget the .php it will not work without it.

So just type this: (change it with your domain)

And you should get this page:


Just enter the info and you are ready to edit your website.